I currently offer one-on-one training as well as one or two-day training sessions at your facility so you and your staff can integrate Back to Basics TM techniques into your own practice. My space is limited because I give my full attention to each of my clients to help them build confidence in their practice and introduce practical techniques into their sessions with their clients.

I usually recommend that my clients start with the Manual, which covers all the Back to Basics TM information offered in training. The difference is simply that the Back to Basics TM Manual is designed for anyone and everyone, whereas individual training involves a great deal of participation from you and helps you to develop your own approach to particular clients and their problems..

The Manual is very thorough, and many people are happy to spend the time to figure out how to integrate it into their practice. It’s not the easiest task in the world, though, and many find that while they absolutely see the wisdom of each technique and feel it would be extremely valuable in their practice, they just can’t find the time or confidence to try using those techniques themselves.

That’s where training comes in. Working together, we can conduct sample scenarios where we try out how you might try out each technique on a real client – one of your clients, in fact, not a theoretical one. I’m happy to work with you to figure out an approach that you’re confident will work even with the clients you find most baffling or difficult to work with.

With practice, you’ll be able to see how effective those techniques will be in real life, and you’ll feel much more confident about using them yourself. Every therapist crafts their own approach to therapy, and it’s not my intention to alter your approach – when you train with me, I simply work to help you find a way that these techniques can fit into your approach and help you in your work with your clients without altering the style that makes you uniquely suited to help them.

If you’re interested in training with me, I suggest you start by downloading my Manual and seeing if the techniques I describe seem logical and useful to you. If you think your practice would benefit from those techniques but aren’t sure how to integrate them into your approach, contact me directly [link] and we’ll start the training process.