Every therapist can identify exactly what behavior a parent needs to stop.

It’s much harder to figure out where that behavior comes from. It’s even harder to figure out how to stop that behavior. It’s hardest of all to figure out how to actually train a parent to get their child to change the misbehavior.

That’s what the Manual is for.

The Manual helps you, as a therapist:

  • Identify the source of the parent’s conflicts with their children and how to present that knowledge to the parent in a way they can hear.
  • Work with the parent to resolve those internal conflicts so that the root cause of the unhealthy behavior is understood and eliminated.
  • Collaborate with the parent to brainstorm and identify some alternative, healthier behaviors to achieve the same ends
  • Intervene when the parent is resistant to making the changes that are necessary to resolve the conflicts they’ve identified
  • Teach basic how-to techniques to parents for common behavioral problems
  • Encourage parental attendance at therapy sessions, even when the parent is resistant to change
  • Conduct family therapy with more parents and children at the same time
  • Run a parenting group with multiple families (sometimes composed of parents, step-parents, grandparents, foster parents, and/or caretakers) whose problems are of varying degrees of difficulty and who display varying degrees of openness to learning.

The Manual isn’t purely a philosophical guide; I designed it to be used and implemented in the real world. You’ll find handouts that you can use with your clients as well as sample scripts for the conversations you may have to have, and you’ll find lots of basic how-to strategies to solve behavioral problems that parents frequently struggle with, such as:

  • How to stop arguing with your kids
  • How to respond when a child is “acting out”
  • How to get kids to do what you ask the first time – not the fourth or fifth
  • How to get your kids to do what you want without even asking

The Manual is bilingual, with all materials in both Spanish and English.

Once you work your way through the Manual, you’ll no longer be dealing with theory. You’ll have solid, practical tools for exactly how to identify the problem, fix the source of the problem, and teach parents to substitute healthy behavior for unhealthy behavior.

You’ll even find some guides just for you as a therapist.

You’ll understand how to let it go when a client refuses to make a change, despite your best efforts. You’ll learn when to let an issue go for the time being, and when to bring it up again. You’ll learn how far your clients can be pushed, and when it’s best to let them make their own discoveries.

Even when your clients are struggling, the Manual will help ensure you never lose faith in yourself. And every therapist needs that.

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