People fascinate me.

We’re such strange, intricate beings, full of our own self-created logic, only half-aware of the ways we file and store the experiences of our lives (and often not even half-aware). I love figuring out where the logic went awry, where the patterns we created for ourselves to handle stress and trauma wound up working against us. Every human being’s mind is a infinite maze of threads, and I’m enthralled by that puzzle.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve always proceeded with confidence.

When I began my career, I was full of anxiety about my work. I wanted my clients to like me. I wanted them to know I sympathized with how hard it was to be a parent. I tried to be a good listener and to really understand their problems and how they felt about their children and what their frustrations and fears and secret hopes were.

During that time, I didn’t think I was that helpful to my clients. I was providing an outlet for their distress, but I wasn’t being very effective at showing them how to solve the core issues. Truthfully, I didn’t know how. I knew what they were doing wrong; I didn’t have any idea what doing it “right” would look like. I was constantly worried that they were wasting their time working with me.

So I did something about it.

I found that I wasn’t alone. Many therapy techniques don’t teach the basic skills of putting the client in charge of their own life. They don’t teach how to show the client the root of their problem, and they don’t teach how to figure out a healthier alternative to destructive behavior. This was the part of the puzzle I couldn’t solve – and I spent several years researching and training to unravel it.

Now I’m passing on those skills to other therapists. We got into this business because we wanted to help people, and sometimes our initial training simply falls short in that quest. I created these techniques to fill in the gaps and help therapists empower their clients to create real change in their lives.

I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of California, and I hold a Personal Pupil Credential and Clear Health Credential. I’ve worked for the Los Angeles County Departments for Health Services and Mental Health for 22 years, and worked on the psychiatric services for children, adolescent, and adult in- and outpatients for the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center Psychiatric Hospital. I was Acting Program Head for the County Department of Mental Health Child and Adolescent Outpatient, and worked with the Los Angeles Unified School District to supervise, train, and run parenting groups for the last 12 years. I have been in private practice for 25 years.